This site aims to promote solar energy innovations in every way, shape, or form. We will be highlighting providers, products, and the latest developments as far as projects, laws, and stories of how solar energy is reaching every corner of the world.

The industry has been very exciting to watch, as it has developed a great deal in the last few years. Harnessing the abundant power of one of the earth’s best sustainable resources is getting more sophisticated as the industry grows, and produces smaller and smaller technology designed to capture and store solar energy.

Designers have created solar panels in an ever-expanding variety of forms, from giant revolving flower petals that open and close to glitter-sized solar cells or a thin film that can be carried around on one’s backpack. They even have clear glass panels so you don’t even realize that you are looking through a solar panel. Watch a video of tiny Transparent Solar Panels in action published on Science Nature’s Facebook Page.

Countries with huge populations such as China and India are embracing solar energy in a big way as they continue to install huge solar farms. It is especially heartening to see the vast expanses of solar farms being installed on both land and sea. Less developed areas of countries, normally without electricity, are lighting up, heating water tanks, and are benefitting in many ways thanks to solar energy innovations.